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At Newtons, it is our aim to provide a PE curriculum that includes all pupils and encourages them to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Our pupils participate within PE lessons from Reception age onwards. All pupils are given the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sports which are listed below. They are able to practise the skills learnt both individually and in group situations, where much emphasis is placed upon co-operation and consideration.  As they progress, they are able to participate in high quality sports.  Last year, the government again, invested in a grant for schools to use to ensure all children are provided with as many experiences as possible. We strongly believe that our children should be exposed to as many experiences as possible in order to make their own decisions regarding the sports they enjoy and their ability to demonstrate natural talent. 

We have a strong partnership with our sports collective and other local schools which enables us to enter local events and competitions to promote PE and a healthy life style to all our children.  As well as this, we are fortunate to have a specialist PE teacher who has the knowledge and skills to ensure all children are exposed to a quality PE program and have positive and worthwhile experiences.

Sports taught at Newtons

Netball High 5 Netball
Football Cross Country
Tag Rugby Panathlon
Basketball Boccia
Quicksticks Hockey Seated Volleyball
New Age Curling Handball
Badminton Dance
Gymnastics Cricket
Tennis Swimming
Quadkids Athletics Tri-Golf

Annual Events:

At Newtons, we hold an annual Sports Day and Big Dance afternoon. Our intent is for every child to take part and have fun whilst striving to do their personal best!  We celebrate our children’s achievement at all our assemblies.  


Learning to swim is an important life skill.  We organise lessons for all children in Year 5, and also Year 6 this year because they missed out due to covid.  These take place during school time and are a part of the school curriculum. Our aim is for all children to be able to swim a minimum or 25 metres by the age of eleven. 

Swimming Data - Year 6 2022 - 2023

Clubs at Newtons:

At Newtons Primary School we think it is very important that we give children an opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities. We aim to have a broad choice of activities available so that children of all ages can access the clubs. The clubs we currently have include a wide range of sports clubs, giving the children a chance to experience different types of sporting activity, as well as art and well-being. We also extend opportunities for children to take part in extracurricular music through choir and percussion.