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Together we reach for our personal best

Newtons Primary School

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Lowen Road
Rainham, Essex,
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Mrs. H McClenaghan

Mrs U. Connolly

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The Federation Ethos

Our ethos is to create a federation of schools where children succeed and are proud of their achievements. We strive to actively promote British values and prepare our children to become role models, thus preparing them for life in modern Britain. We are a federation that nurtures curiosity and creativity through and inspiring, challenging and engaging curriculum, where our pupils are at the heart of all that we do. Our children learn to become resilient and self-assured in an environment where success is celebrated.

Crowlands Primary School

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Romford, Essex,

Mrs. H McClenaghan

Mrs. S Clark

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Newtons Primary School

Together we reach for our personal best

Lowen Road
Rainham, Essex,
RM13 8QR

01708 558613


The governing body is responsible for both the conduct of the school and for raising standards within it. the governing body carries out its role by setting the vision for the school and then ensuring that the school works efficiently and effectively towards achieving its vision. It does this by building a thorough knowledge of the school and its community, by both supporting and constructively challenging the school, and by ensuring accountability and compliance. The governing body of our school is made up of a Headteacher governor, parent governors, staff governors and co-opted governors.

Governors need not be experts in the field of education. What they do need is an interest in the school and in the welfare of our children.

Governors also need to be able to build relationships with a range of people, to be able to work as part of a team, to be able to question and to make connections between different types of information. All governors are expected to be able to read straightforward budget reports and data on school standards.

Our governors need to:

  • attend termly meetings of the full governing body
  • sit on the Leadership and Management or Pupil and Curriculum Related Matters committee and attend the meetings which are usually held twice a term
  • visit the school formally for monitoring purposes at least once a year
  • visit the school informally at least once a year
  • commit to attend training courses, perform additional research as required and take part in monitoring areas within the school

In return we will:

  • ensure you receive a structured induction
  • provide the support of an experienced governor as a mentor
  • give you lots of development opportunities within the school and through Havering Governor Services who provide extensive training in all areas of governance

If you would like to find out more about how you can make a difference at our school, please email with your details and we will arrange at time to contact you for an informal discussion.

Our Governors - Reconstituted July 15

Under new Government legislation all school Governing Bodies are to be reconstituted by September 2015. Under this new legislation, the Governing Body is slimmed down, but must have the appropriate skills to fulfil the role of a Governing Body effectively. It should not be smaller than 7 members and must include: At least 2 Parent Governors; The Headteacher; One and only one Staff Governor; One and only one Local Authority Governor. On top of the above 5 ‘Core Governors’, a school can appoint as many additional co-opted Governors as deemed necessary.

The Federation of Crowlands and Newtons Primary School

With effect from the 16th April 2018 Newtons Primary school formally federated with Crowlands Primary school. A Federation is where schools work together with one Governing Board overseeing the strategic management of both schools.

The Federated Governing Body of Newtons Primary School and Crowlands Primary School decided to reconstitute from their Summer term 2018 and our current Governors are as follows:

Current Governors

H McClenaghan

Mrs H McClenaghan
Executive Headteacher, Leadership & Management Committee,
Learning & Achievement

Mr G Walker
Chair of Learning & Achievement Committee, Appeals Committee 
and responsibility for Safeguarding

Mr K King 
Chair of Leadership & Management Committee, Appeals committee
and responsibility for Health & Safety

Mr L James
Vice Chair of Leadership & Management Committee,
Disciplinary Committee and responsibility for
Data Protection 


Mrs P Wilkinson
Learning & Achievement Committee (Associate Member)

Mrs S Imber
Learning & Achievement Committee (Associate Member)
and responsibility for SEN

Mr D Dhami
Leadership & Management Committee

Mr A Isaac
Learning & Achievement Committee and responsibility
for Safeguarding

Mr J Gordon
Leadership & Management Committee

Mrs L Beckett
Learning & Achievement Committee, Numeracy and
responsibility for Pupil Premium

Mrs N Taylor
Learning & Achievement Committee

Mr P Hankin 
Parent Governor

Mr W Murray 
Learning & Achievement Committee
Parent Governor

Mrs S Aylett
Committee to be confirmed 


Mr R Elliott
Committee to be confirmed

Parent Governors are elected by the parents of the School and are able to hold office for up to four years. If Parent Governor elections are to be held, all parents will be informed, invited to stand for election and able to vote. The minutes of all Governing Body meetings are available in the school office.

Click here to see the Publications of Governor Information.

Minutes - to be requested via the school office
Contact us - via the school office