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Newtons Primary School

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Mrs. H McClenaghan

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The Growing Together Federation Ethos

Our ethos is to create a federation of schools where children succeed and are proud of their achievements. We strive to actively promote British values and prepare our children to become role models, thus preparing them for life in modern Britain. We are a federation that nurtures curiosity and creativity through an inspiring, challenging and engaging curriculum, where our pupils are at the heart of all that we do. Our children learn to become resilient and self-assured in an environment where success is celebrated. Our ethos is delivered through these aims for our children:

• To teach tolerance and respect to all children.

• To encourage everyone to have high expectations of themselves in an environment where they can reach their personal best.

• To promote equality of opportunity and aim to develop the children’s moral, cultural, social and spiritual awareness.

• To have engaging and challenging opportunities through a creative and inclusive curriculum within the school and beyond into the local community.

• To encourage excellence by sharing successes and supporting each other to reach their full potential.

Through the aims of the Federation, we actively promote lifelong learning whilst ensuring the children respect one another, enjoy their school experiences and achieve their personal best.

Crowlands Primary School

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Mrs. H McClenaghan

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School Travel Plan

At Newtons we want to reduce car use on the school run by creating conditions that will allow more children to travel safely to school on foot, by bicycle or on the bus. We want a sustainable change in the home to school travel patterns to cut congestion, number of injuries, pollution and to allow many more pupils to take regular exercise.

A huge well done to everyone who walked, scooted or cycled to school during 'The Big Pedal', we had a fantastic 59% participation by the end of the week!

 What are the benefits of travelling to school by bus, walking, or biking?

-         Reduces congestion on the roads and in the vicinity of the school.

-         Improves the safety and perception of safety thus leading to an increase in walking and cycling.

-         Cleaner air quality and less noise.

-         Improves fitness and health.

-         Better relations with the school neighbours and local businesses.

-         Decreases dependence on the car.

-         Increases independence of children and greater awareness of road safety.

How are we promoting sustainable travel options?

  • Walk to school week
  • 'The Big Pedal'
  • Available bike storage
  • Cycle training for years 5 and 6
  • Use of public transport with some of the school trips
  • Poster competitions
  • Notices on the Message board
  • Notices on the school website
  • School assemblies
  • Parent Survey

Thank you for your support.


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