The growing Together Federation



Together we reach for our personal best 

Mission Statement


Our vision enables us to create a community where children succeed and are proud of their achievements in a safe and stimulating environment. We strive to actively promote British values and prepare our children to become role models, thus preparing them for life in modern Britain. To do this, we create a respectful, inclusive environment that is welcoming, fun, friendly and safe, where everyone feels positive and valued. We are a Federation that nurtures curiosity through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum, where learning is at the heart of all that we do. Our children learn to become resilient and self-assured in an environment where their success is celebrated. 

Our vision is delivered through these aims for our children:

  • To teach tolerance and respect to all children. All children are valued individuals and should be respected. 
  • To encourage everyone to have high expectations of themselves
  • To provide a welcoming, open, attractive and calm atmosphere in which each person can flourish
  • To encourage children to develop socially in order that they can live at peace with themselves and with others
  • To promote equality of opportunity and aims to develop the children's awareness of moral, cultural, social and spiritual issues.
  • To have excellent and challenging opportunities through a creative and inclusive curriculum within the Federation and beyond into the local community.
  • To encourage excellence by sharing successes and supporting the children to reach their full potential.

Through the aims of the Federation we actively promote British values whilst ensuring the children respect one another, enjoy their learning experiences and achieve their personal best!