Teaching staff and their Roles




Teaching in:

H. McClenaghan

Executive Headteacher

L. Lowe



Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 6 Reading and Maths Boosters weekly

H. Martin

Deputy Headteacher

Assessment Leader / Tracking Pupils


Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Year 5 Group for Numeracy daily

Year 5 Group for Literacy daily

C. Siddle

C. Hoddy

SENCO and Inclusion (0.6) - EAL

SENCO and Inclusion (0.6)- Speech and Language

Intervention groups across the school

L. Merry

Upper KS2 Leader


Literacy Leader

Year 6

J. Mainhood

Science and Design and Technology Leader

On Maths Working Party

Year 6

J. Croom (0.8)

On PSHEE/ SMSC Working Party

Year 5

S. Conner (0.6)

On  Science Working Party

Year 5

T. Greenwood

On Computing and History Working Party

Year 5

L. Peel

Lower KS2 Leader


Maths  Leader

Year 4

L. Crane

On Art, Music and P.E Working party 

Year 4

J. Creasey

Geography, History and R.E. Leader

Year 3

L. Burke (0.6)

On Art, Music, P.E and Geography Working party

On Computing Working party


Year 3 

K. Green (0.6)

PE, Music and Art Leader

Year 3

M. Whiteley

Computing Leader

On Design and Technology Working Party

Year 2

S. Shields

On English and EAL Working Parties

Year 2

L. Allsop

KS1 Leader


Maths Leader

On English Working Party

RWI Manager

Year 1

S. Mitchell

Early Years Leader

On Assessment Working Party


K. Heptinstall 


On Design and Technology Working Party


N. Dunn


On PSHEE/SMSC and R.E. Working Party

FS- Nursery

B. Polworth

Additional teacher for PPA, TLR and interventions (0.4)

On MFL Working Party



S. Milward

Additional teacher for PPA, TLR and interventions

On Science Working Party


FS and Year 4

V. Allaway

P.E. Specialist (0.4)

Rec-Year 6

C. Franks

On English Working Party

Year 1

M. Deane

Additional teacher for PPA, TLR and interventions

On MFL Working Party

Year 1, 5 and 6