Arrangements for the Organisation of Teaching Literacy and Numeracy

We have a yearly intake of 60 pupils so we have 2 classes in each year group. In KS2, the children are set by ability in Maths. Their registration teacher teaches the class for Literacy and all the Foundation subjects. In this way, the children's Writing targets are focused on in every subject that includes writing e.g. History, Geography, Science. 

All children in Reception and KS1 are part of the Read, Write, Inc phonic based reading scheme. All children are assessed every half term by the Read, Write, Inc Manager and put into a group according to their ability, not their age. All members of staff have received training to deliver Read, Write, Inc. The groups vary in size with the biggest group having 12 children in it and the smallest one with 2 children in it. The more able children in Year 2 are working on a programme called Big Writing Adventure.

The 3 Is - intention implentation and impact

Arrangements for Teaching the Foundation Subjects.

To view each year groups foundation subject curriculum please click on the links below.

Nursery and Reception

Year 1 and 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6