Vision statement


Together we reach for our personal best 

Mission Statement


Our school is happy, welcoming, caring and inclusive, where we provide a secure and stimulating environment, enabling everyone to feel positive and valued.

In order to achieve this we have the following aims:

  • To promote self respect and respect for others
  • To encourage everyone to have high expectations of themselves
  • To provide a welcoming, open, attractive and calm atmosphere in which each person can flourish
  • To give children confidence to try and to succeed
  • To encourage children to develop socially in order that they can live at peace with themselves and with others
  • To provide equal opportunities for everyone
  • To provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum to enable children to achieve the highest level of intellectual, emotional and physical development of which they are capable
  • To provide a learning environment in which each person feels included, challenged and supported
  • To build a community of which we can all be proud