Weekly Newsletter           

Dear Parent/Carer,


I have been very pleased to award a Headteacher’s Star of the Week certificate to:

Jamie D (Year 5) – independent comprehension work

Alfie F (Year 1) – for being famous!


Our school target for attendance is 96%. The school’s attendance last week was 96.57%.

The winning class was afternoon Nursery with 100% attendance.. This is brilliant news.

Well done also to these classes:

Mr Whiteley’s class - 99.7%

Miss Burke’s and Miss Greenwood’s class – 99.2%

Mr. Mainhood’s class - 99%

Mrs Sorrell’s class and Mrs Mitchell’s classes both with an attendance of 98.8%

Miss Merry’s class - 98.7%

Mrs Croom’s class - 98.6%,

Mrs Creasey’s class – 97.9%

Miss Heptinstall’s class – 97.4%

Miss Dhadda’s and Mrs Conner’s class – 97.1%

Mrs Peel’s class- 96.5%

Miss Allsop’s class – 96.4%

This means that THIRTEEN classes have managed to exceed the school target. This is a great start to the new year.


Children in Years 5 and 6 please remember to bring your bicycles, helmets and padlocks to school on Monday.


Yours sincerely


Lynn Lowe