Weekly Newsletter           

Dear Parent/Carer,


Welcome back to the Summer term and it is wonderful to see the sun shining! The children who have had 100% attendance for the half term have their names entered into a prize draw. The winners were given a £20 WH Smith voucher. They were:

Abdullah P – Recetion

Maryam - Year 2

Ife A – Year 3

T.J. – Year 5

Ayaan H – Year 6  

174 children had 100% attendance and each received a teddy bear. Class 5C had the highest attendance (98%). They have been given money to buy some lunchtime games and books for our library. Well done.


I have been very pleased to award a Headteacher’s Star of the Week certificate to:

Carwyn E (Year 3) – for an excellent understanding of fractions and for using known facts to

                                 solve problems

Madi B (Year 6) – for working so hard to achieve the highest test result in Arithmetic in her

                               Maths set

Kai N, Charley H, Whitney, Ivana A, Lewis P, Victor P and Katie Louise T (all in Year 5) –

                               for great work on handling data

Lucy Ann (Year 3) – for writing an effective, descriptive setting

Ralphy O (Year 2) – for reading 22 times since 29/03/18


Congratulations to Aayan S (Year 3), Tyeomie S (Year 3), Christian E (Year 3), Jessica G and Kornelia E (both in Year 4) for achieving their 3rd class certificate for good behaviour and, so, being awarded a headteacher’s certificate.


Reading champions this week were Mrs Conner’s/Miss Greenwood’s class with 92% of the children having read 9 times during the Easter holiday and during the last. Well done.


Here are the percentages for the rest of the school:

Mrs Croom’s class- 91%

Miss Merry’s class- 85%

Mr Mainhood’s class- 83%

Mrs Peel’s class– 75%

Mrs Crane’s class- 73%

Miss Bure’s/Miss Greenwood’s class- -69%

Mrs Shields’ class- 58%

Mrs Creasey’s class-46%

Mr Whiteley’s class and Mrs Mitchell’s class – 44%

Miss Heptinstall’s class - 35%

Mrs Valldeperas’ class and Miss Allsop’s class- 24%


Our target for attendance is 96%. The school’s attendance last week was 95.12%. The winning classes were Mrs Creasey’s class and Miss Merry’s class, both with 98.2%. Well done also to these two classes who exceeded 96%:

Mr Mainhood’s class – 97.7%

Mrs Croom’s class – 96.7%


Only four classes have managed to meet/exceed the school target. Well done, once again, to Year 6 as both classes in these year groups exceeded 96% attendance. We really hope that our attendance will improve once the chickenpox leaves our school!


Yours sincerely


Lynn Lowe